The SKY Bereishit Curriculum includes 7-14 weeks of lessons based on the Six Days of Creation and Shabbat.

The Shalom Kids Yoga Bereishit Yoga Curriculum uses the following format for each class:

  1. SKY Torah Text Time (English and Hebrew)
  2. SKY Opening and Centering
  3. SKY Warm-Ups
  4. SKY Poses and Movement
  5. SKY Yoga Inspired Games (Individual and/or Partnered)
  6. SKY Breathing Practice
  7. SKY Shabbat Menucha (Final Relaxation and/or Guided Visualization/Meditation)
  8. SKY Closing                  
  9. SKY Story
  10. SKY Art

This curriculum is perfect for Hebrew Schools, nursery schools, camps and stand alone yoga series.

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