About Shalom Kids Yoga (SKY)

Shalom Kids Yoga (SKY) is a unique educational initiative that addresses the whole child: body, mind and neshama (soul)!

Shalom Kids Yoga, located in Upstate New York, designs engaging and enriching yoga classes that foster children’s physical, mental and emotional development.  Each class is child-centered, and caters to specific age groups, schools,  camps and youth organizations.  Shalom Kids Yoga teaches unique yoga classes with the Jewish community in mind.  See SKY Tools for Hebrew Language and Bereshit Yoga to learn more.

Shalom Kids Yoga offers tailor designed professional development workshops for educators, both online and in-person, catering specifically to teachers in Jewish Day Schools, Hebrew Schools and Jewish camps.  For more information see the Shalom Kids Yoga Creation Cards SKY Tools for Jewish Educators and Yoga Ed.

Shalom Kids Yoga classes encourage students to try new things, learn healthy habits for life, get up and move and to be creative all while having a blast!